Story of Harishanker: Harishanker had an older sister who didn’t have the opportunity of going to school and was married off at a young age. As a young boy, he didn’t realize the gravity of this gender discrimination his sister faced. However, when he was older, he did not want his younger sisters to suffer the same fate. He wanted not just his three younger sisters, but all the girls in his village to have the opportunity to go to school. He knew what he had to do, but didn’t know how. One day, he came across information about Educate Girls and how they needed volunteers to support the cause of girls’ education.

Having finally found a way to achieve the mission he set for himself to help girls in his village, Harishanker signed up as Team “GEM” with Educate Girls, and instead of just talking girls’ families into sending them to school, he ensured his parents sent his three younger sisters to school to lead the village by example. This tactic worked well and he had seven more girls enrolled at Kasturba Gandhi Bal Vidyalaya (government funded residential school for girls) soon after.

Story of Dadam Devi: In my village in Rajasthan, it is common for girls to drop out of school after Class 5. It’s because after Class 5, the children have to travel 3 kilometers away to the nearest school to study further, and this means they have to cross a national highway where cars and heavy vehicles zoom past. That’s why most parents don’t allow their girls to continue studying.

I’ve always wanted to do something about this, but didn’t know where to start. In 2016, I came across some wall paintings, posters and loudspeaker announcements about a Recruitment Day event for Team “GEM”. It caught my attention and I went to the event and I was shocked to see over 200 people at the venue. I joined Educate Girls as a Team “GEM”soon after.

Story Of Anchal: Our little star Anchal is shining brightly today, thanks to Project “GEM” timely intervention that helped her hone her skills and shine in her own light.

Story Of Jaishree: An alcoholic father, meagre income of a hard working mother and a younger brother to support. This is the story of our “GEM”Jaishree, who lives in Tal Khed district, Pune and studies in the 6th STD. Jaishree dreams of becoming a teacher. Read on to know how Project “GEM”is helping her to realize her dream.