Take Action

Become part of the initiative for Girls Education Movement

As an Individual

Host events like tea parties, dinners, movie screenings, book readings, theatre shows, musical and cultural shows, walks, chess, cricket, football, tennis or any other sports, photography, painting or any other talent exhibitions, and anything you can think of.

Help Girls Education movement to become the preferred charity in your workplace so your colleagues can donate.

Run for a 5K and raise pledges.

Donate or sponsor a child (more information in the Sponsor a Gem section and donate now tab)

On special occasions like birthdays, weddings, naming ceremonies, request guests to donate to Girls Education Movement.

Donate supplies by sending it to our PO Box. GIRLS EDUCATION MOVEMENT PO BOX 579 LEVITTOWN, PA 19058

Sponsor an event and donate part of the tickets sales proceeds.

Sponsor or donate stationery, software, hardware for Schools.

Connect with us on supporting projects in specific areas based on need-specific priorities.

A GEM sponsorship makes for a wonderful gift for any occasion. By gifting a sponsorship to your friend or relative, you will ensure that an underprivileged girl will receive educational support for an entire year. Under this scheme, we inform your friend of your kind gesture, and send them details and photo of the girl supported as well as academic progress reports. You will receive a receipt that you can use to claim tax exemption.

From every donation, only 2% of the funds are retained by the charity for administrative, marketing, and fundraising costs; the remaining 98% is utilized exclusively towards our project expenses.

Sponsor a Girl Child!

As you read this, the lives of many girls are being transformed, However there are countless others still waiting for the opportunity to study.

How can you make a difference?

You can sponsor four girls to be educated in public school by donating just $25.00 per month.
Simply click on the Donate Now button and pay securely via you credit card.

Simply click on the Donate Now button and set up a monthly payment to be debited to your Visa or MasterCard credit card automatically. You can cancel at any time by emailing us at (contact@girlseducationmovement.org)

You can even choose to dedicate the school to a loved one – simply email us using the email address listed above with details. We can arrange for you and your family to visit your own sponsored school and see the difference your generosity is making to the lives of these girls!