Become a Fund raiser for “GEM”

As an individual:

  • One of the easiest, fastest, and most effective ways you can propel girls and women empowerment is through monetary support. With your donation, we can reach out to more and more girls from the poorest and marginalised communities with specific interventions. You can easily donate online via net banking, credit card and debit card.
  • Over the years “GEM” India has initiated, launched and organised several campaigns to spread awareness about exact issues girl child empowerment.
  • Run in a marathon and raise pledges
  • Gift “GEM” on behalf of friends, families and close and loved ones on special occasions.

As a corporate

  • We work closely with our partners to understand their immediate challenges and help them recognize, design, apply, monitor and evaluate sustainable and scalable programs.
  • Sponsor or you can donate hardware, software or some stationery goods for our office.
  • Start payroll program with your employees.
  • Connect with us on supporting projects in specific areas based on need-specific priorities.


  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Write stories and share it on our Blog
  • Expand our network on Facebook
  • Increase our followers on Twitter

Spread the Word:

As an individual

  • From time to time, we activate short-term engagement opportunities for those who want to intern with us, to understand “GEM” India’s work and further grasp the functionality of the development sector. We are always on the lookout for new, keen and dedicated minds to join our group.
  • Write, discuss, debate on issues of girls’ education and “GEM” Project.
  • Put up our URL and e-badge as your status for a day or every month.

As a corporate:

  • Volunteer with us and you will join a powerful group of people united by one goal – Educating the girl child.
  • Serve poor children, organise events, raise donations, manage social media platforms & much more
  • Sponsoring ad space
  • Putting up the Project “GEM” on your website.