Mission  & Vision:

Mission-The Mission of Girls Education Movement (GEM) is to expand and support educational opportunities for underserved girls and women in remote and underdeveloped areas And put them firmly on the track of literacy through access to quality primary education, as well as school and lifestyle supplies.

Vision– To provide educational opportunities for girls are equal to those typically afforded boys and men, thus provide the foundation for healthier and prosperous societies that reflect their unique cultural difference. The vision of the Girls Education Movement (GEM) is to spark change and transform the lives of girls, families and entire communities in India by the education and empowerment of these female students.

GEM is an initiative of our founder, Sanjiv Joshi who believes that when you educate a girl, you empower a nation.

OUR MOTTO– We put girls’ in the center because we know that we cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal human rights and opportunities. We at GEM believe that when you educate a girl, you empower a nation.


This core value and responsibility describes who are we, what we do and how we do it. It reflects our Core Values and responsibility of TRANSFORMATIONINTEGRITYDIVERSITYand EQUALITY, which serves as a foundation for all that we do at GEM. We believe literacy is the primary building block for poverty reduction and human development. It provides a window of opportunity for adequate social and economic growth. India still harbors pockets of very low levels of female literacy. This disparity is acute in the enrollment of girls in minority groups.

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