What's Our Aim

Our aim is to provide Financial support for an underprivileged girls seeking primary and secondary education. We have a strong belief that educated women would not only contribute to the economy but also prevent social evils like the dowry system and child marriage in India. Statistically promoting women’s education benefits everyone as well as leads to a more equal, open-minded society. According to the World Bank, some of the benefits associated with girls' education include reduction of child and maternal mortality, improvement of child nutrition and health, lower fertility rates, and growth in economic production.

academic support 

" Education should be given to girls as they have equal rights, " Educate a girl child as well to put an end to proverty. "

What We Do

Academic Material Support – The program selects girls based on multiple criteria including enrollment in public or private schools, family income, parents' educational background, social background and the child's aptitude.

Academic Enrichment Sessions- Our “GEMs” receive academic support through a 1-2 hour class conducted before or after school hours at their local Academic Support Centre. Concepts in Maths, Science, and Language are taught to bridge the gaps in learning and enable children to attain grade-specific competency levels.

Sponsor a GEM !

As you read this, the lives of many girls are being transformed; however, there are countless others still waiting for the opportunity to be nurtured by GEM.

How can you make a difference? You can sponsor three girls to be educated in a public school for one year by donating as little as $17.00 per month or a one-time payment of $204.00

Make a donation with a check

Mail a check out to “Girls Education Movement “ and mail to our Post Box Address. GIRLS EDUCATION MOVEMENT PO BOX 579 LEVITTOWN, PA 19058.

Simply click on the Donate Now button and be a person who Empowers Girls. You donation payment to be debited to your Visa or MasterCard credit card automatically. You can cancel at any time by emailing us at (Contact@GirlsEducationMovement.org)

You can even choose to dedicate the school to a loved one – simply email us using the email address listed above with details. We can arrange for you and your family to visit your own sponsored school and see the difference your generosity is making to the lives of these girls!

Our Objectives

Increase primary education

Increase access and encourage enrollment of primary and secondary education through community mobilization for female students.

Grow academically

Create a place that allows students to grow academically and spiritually whilst breaking the shackles of gender norms placed on women in our society.

girl's become independent

Encourage and enable each girl to become an independent thinker and self-learner and also give them building blocks to succeed in adulthood.

Transform communities

Transform communities and promote equality.

GEMs learning center

Provide high-quality relevant education through GEMs learning center and nurture these children to reach academic success.

Computer Course

Every child has the right to a safe, formal, quality education and access to lifelong learning.

Skilled Teachers

Get a better handle on basic needs of children & improve your ability to serve.

Basic Courses

An explanation of the work that will be expected of you for successful completion of the course.

Learn Anywhere

Learn anywhere provides all you need for effective lesson planning, resource sharing

Books Library

Browse through these pages for help with setting up access to the e-book resources available.